понеделник, юни 22, 2009

Днес затръшнах още една врата

Ма вЕрно ли съм такова кофти копеле?

You go through life dealing with pigs, herds of stupid sheep, and the occasional little girl looking for some company on her way through the forest.

And eventualy they all lock themselves in their houses of brick, or call in the hunters... after all, you are dangerous, don't make a good house pet, and don't bring their slippers, grateful for table scraps...

... And they all live happily ever after. It's the middle of the night, you are awake and alone, again, and the only thing left is another session of howling at the moon... rinse and repeat. Ad nauseum.

The funny thing is, it's only when you are no longer there to play games and talk dirty to the stupid little Red Riding Hood bitches, that they will realize that they miss the sense of danger, the attention, and being allowed to pet a predator without getting bitten.

"Oh, my, what big teeth..."
"I am not in the mood for your stupid games, and I don't have anything to say to you. Don't call this number again."

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Нора Найденова каза...

now you get to be the one that lives happily ever after. so fuck the red hood bitches and kiss me. :*

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