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Why Windows User Experience Sucks

Хилел Купърман обяснява какво не е наред

2005 PDC. Hillel Cooperman, who is in charge of user experience for Windows talked about a lot of the places in which the Windows user experience isn’t great, and one of what he talked about was when you buy a Windows laptop, it’s got about 4 little crappy stickers all over it, and this is not first class, you know, that’s just cheap to have these dumb little stickers, Intel Inside, Powered by blah-blah-blah, and a little Windows sticker […] Can you imagine if you bought a Lexus and it had all kinds of crappy little stickers on there? So, Hillel Cooperman said, we gonna stop these crappy stickers, because that’s a part of why people love their Macs, and why the Mac laptop is so much more elegant than a PC piece of junk laptop […]

And the audience stood of their feet and cheered for like an hour.

Hillel Cooperman no longer works at Microsoft.
Някои неща просто не бива да се изричат на глас.

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